Julie Haun Portfolio

Disco Alien

Welcome to the party! On a summer evening in France, the Chateau Laville hosts a masquerade enchanted party. Glasses of bubbly heaven are toasting to the moon and stars. Candles flicker off the authentic stone facades that highlight gargoyles and angels. The band plays classical notes that lead the movements of couples dancing in the night. Laughter and wonder fill the room of all the masked beauties. Eighteenth century clothing is heavily admired and enjoyed. The guest of honor arrives; her presence nearly silences the party as she walks through the arched cobblestone doorway. Her black piercing eyes shine across the room bringing chills down the spines of all the guests. Her cherry red lips are glossy and strangely seductive. Her headpiece is mesmerizing. The blue agate sparkles like a waterfall in motion; the green glass swirls like wind sweeping leaves in a majestic forest. Different shades of blue are curling and twisting like clouds at sea, and her white hair—oh her white hair!—is perfectly bundled. To complete her attire, she has golden beads polka-dotted from head to toe. As guests stare in admiration, she signals the band at the snap of her finger. Suddenly disco melodies begin vibrating across the room. Her cape flares like a parachute as her body starts performing disco moves. It’s the kind of scene you’d expect in a movie where unexpected scenes are observed and cherished. But the twist here, completely unsuspected by the guests, is that the lovely host is in fact a disco alien from a distant planet.

Dimensions: 16″ x 20-1/4″

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